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“My wife and I attended the Deep Health Evolution Wellness Retreat hosted by the husband and wife team Gregg and Fatima Cook at Nine River Road in Calicoon, NY.  We did this for several reasons: 1. We desperately needed a getaway, 2. We wanted to get something beneficial for ourselves (healthwise) out of it, 3. We like the Catskill and Hudson Valley location. Everything about the weekend was a success.  We had great dinners at Nine River Roads sister property the North Branch Inn.  The inn even boasts an old-fashioned bowling alley with two lanes. Gregg and Fatima instructed us in breathing protocols that were an entry into meditation, mobility/flexibility routines that can easily be done at home that are way more effective than what we were used to.  There was also a lot of discussion about nutrition and ways to prepare and get a better nights sleep. All done in a friendly and relaxed environment. It was a wonderfully relaxing and yet enriching experience.”

Dear Fatima and Gregg,

Thank you for hosting such a great weekend retreat! The venue was charming, the company lovely and you treated us so royally with great food as well as all the gifts! The workshops were great.  Just enough, so I feel I learned some breathing and movement techniques I can incorporate into my life now, but not too overwhelming an amount of information.  (I know you both have a lot more knowledge you could impart!)

I am really looking forward to adding what I learned to my usual routine. 

Thanks again!




“It's hard to say what I loved most (about the retreat). It was all great. The location, the people, the activities, and the meals. It was a pretty perfect week.”

“I LOVED the trip.  I didn't know what to expect and it was amazing.  I love what Fatima and Gregg are doing and I hope they can spread the word and help as many people as possible!  The CARS is awesome, the way Fatima and Gregg worked with everyone and gave special attention was the best part...I really enjoyed getting to know them (and YOU...thank you for all you did to prepare the trip for us!)  I can't wait for the next one.”